Life Enrichment

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Community and Social Clubs

At Parkland Village, we provide our residents with an enhanced lifestyle that helps them to maintain their independence and feel safe in a comfortable and supportive environment.

The home-like décor of the community is comfortable for both residents and family members, while allowing staff to effectively provide the best possible care and the services our residents need.

Scheduled events involve the community, staff and family members. We celebrate birthdays, host themed parties, coordinate social clubs and support groups, plus a number of community amenities.

Men’s Luncheon

We provide an unrivaled opportunity for the husbands of past and present residents of Parkland Village.

Education & Connection Group

Come to Parkland Village to experience a broad range of topics Care for the Caregiver and Family Dynamics.  All sessions are free and open to the public. Question and Answer time after each session.

  • Free To The Public!
  • Refreshments Will Be Served!

View our photo gallery of several fun activities.

My Little Prayer

My dearest God, what can I say?
Please help me make it day by day.

I don’t know all the things to do.
That’s why I’m always calling you.

The things we did are not the same.
He doesn’t even know my name.

Please help me keep him safe and well.
For fear and sickness he can’t tell.

I try to watch him all the time
To try to see what’s on his mind.

I cried all night and prayed all day
So many helped me find my way.

It isn’t easy we all know.
But great support groups helped me grow.