Resident Spotlight – Norma Hoggard

Norma Hoggard, has tended the roses at Parkland Village in McMinnville Oregon, for the past three years. She grew up in California, where she remembers that her mother loved flowers, especially hollyhocks. “I could never figure out how to keep hollyhocks alive, but I sure loved the roses.”  When asked what the secret of her success with roses was she said, ”keep them well watered, and the aphids off.” Aphids are a small pest that love to eat roses. Norma said that after her mother did the dishes she would dump the soapy water on the roses. “Aphids do not like soapy water!” “You need to cut back the roses too, in January or February. Cut about an inch above a stem that has 5 leaves, and a new rose will grow back.”

There is an open court yard in the middle of Parkland where most of the roses grow, but Norma enjoys adorning dining room tables with fresh cut flowers too. I know we all appreciate Norma’s green thumb, and enjoy the beautiful roses all summer long.

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