Dear Parkland Village…

A Family Testimonial

As Bette’s sister, I want to attempt to share my appreciation for your loving care and many acts of kindness during her months battling cancer.

Thank you for the welcoming words each time I visited. Thank you for answering my questions. Thank you for tending to care requests, kitchen requests, cleaning requests, and maintenance requests in an upbeat, timely manner. Bette’s chair leg was repaired just hours after I brought it to your attention. Those directly caring for Bette were attentive, gentle, encouraging, and kind. Everyone just followed Bette’s lead with her sense of humor; she did like to laugh! I got to be her sister and enjoy our time together because of you.

What touched me the most was my last 48 hours with Bette. Everything was done with such compassion. You cared for her, and you cared for us. Staff came in to tell her goodbye after their shift ended and they left with tears in their eyes. When she passed on Sunday, your care continued. You treated her with such respect and tenderness as you cleaned and dressed her for her final journey from Parkland. Each act made my loss more bearable.

Bette often mentioned if she couldn’t be home, Parkland was the place to be. I felt so comfortable having here there even when I could not be with her.

What a blessing you each were as we made this difficult journey.


Carol Jo Hahn